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One should not marry for money

A happy, fulfilling, and successful marriage is supposed to be lifetime where the couple grows together in loving, understanding and caring for each other. And they will learn from each other and satisfy each other’s needs and simultaneously progress in their pursuit to achieve their mutual dreams.

Which do you prefer, to marry an already very rich prospect without love or to marry the love of your life where you both can build your future together. In my opinion, one should not marry for money, but for love.

Let us imagine that you’re married to a person that you are not in love with. You are married to him/her only because of the money. Yes, of course you can get temporary happiness of all the money your partner has achieved but if you do not like the person, then it’s no funny to spend the money with him or her. And what if this person’s money runs out? In this case you are married to a person you don’t love and you do not get any advantages at all. Money ends, love does not.

The Canterbury Tales is a collection of stories written by Geoffrey Chaucer. In this book you can see a great example why it’s not a good idea to marry for love. And one of the tales is named “The Miller’s Tale”. The tale is about an 18 year old woman named Alison who is married to an older carpenter. But she is not married for love. And she is not happy either, because when she meets the young and poor but clever Nicholas, they fall in love with each other. And then Alison has to cheat on Geoffrey so she can see Nicholas. If Alison would not have married John for the money in the first place she could have married Nicholas. Yes she would have been poor, but happy!

I do not think that it is ethically right either to marry for money. It is very cruel to the person who has the money because this person thinks that he or she is loved for who he or she is, and if this person find out they have been fouled and the other person only like him or her for the money the person with the money will be deeply depressed and sad and that is not funny at all.

To sum up this, if you marry for money and your partners money runs out your kind of screwed. Money ends but love does not. And if you marry for money anyway it maybe going to end like for Alison in The Miller’s tale, maybe you will start cheat around your partner and it all gets very complicated. And at last, it is not ethical right to marry for money and it is very cruel to your partner to take advantage of him or her because of the money.

I think it is a really bad idea to marry for money. One should marry for love!

Publiceringsdatum: 2013-11-17