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Source Criticism

Who has written the text and where did you found it?

The writing company of this article is The New York Times which is an American daily newspaper and it was founded 1851. There is also where I found the article “Hugo Chavez” (Link at bottom of the page). Its website,, is America's most popular newspaper site, receiving more than 30 million unique visitors per month.

A long time ago the newspaper had a republican view but nowadays they are quite neutral but maybe still more to the right side then the left from a political aspect.

But if you compare this newspaper with other papers with a strong political opinion you can definitely say that this is a reliable source, at least from a political aspect.

When was the text written?

The text was written at March 6th 2013. I believe this is a good date because it is very current. But when you can find newer articles about Hugo Chaves, this may not be a good source anymore. A lot can happen in a small time. For example, if the article were written one week earlier Chaves would be alive. And today, that article would be very out of date. A news article is supposed to be as current as possible.

If you see it from another perspective, that the same paper wrote a new article today about Hugo Chaves, the old one is immediately too old compared to the one who was written today. To conclude, a news article should always be as current as possible.

What does the text say?

The article is about the dead president of Venezuela with the name Hugo Chaves. He dominated the politics in the country for 14 years.

Chavez was a communist leader. He was very popular among the poor section of the people. He improved living conditions among the poor by lowering the price of food and building cheap public housing. This was financed by the state's oil sales.

However, it was handled carelessly which lead to corruption, also cheating occurred during his governing. USA now tries to help Venezuela against a democratic government after the president's death. U.S. supported a raid made ​​against Chaves, which made a large part of Latin America's population critical of America's involvement in the country's politics.

How does the text look?

The text looks very good, there are no spelling errors and the language is very formal and correct. It is well structured and there are good paragraphs and spaces between the content.

But it could be written in a more easy language to read so there is not a problem to understand the difficult words. Another disadvantage is that it is a lot of advertising on the page. This gives the reader a bad impression and the level of reliability decreases because the newspaper has a great economy advantage.

Because of this the writer can dramatize the content of the text to make it look more interesting so the newspaper will sell more copies. This makes the company earn more money. Therefor from an economy aspect, this content is not very reliable.

To conclude

From a political aspect it is pretty reliable but if any, the newspapers political opinion is little more twisted to the right then to the left. According from the time aspect, the article is very likely to be true, because of the current date of the publishing. From an economy aspect, is the reliability of the content not very good because it could be dramatized to make more money for the newspaper company.

But after all, I find this article quite reliable anyway because I have heard the same thing from other sources and the different sources has similarities witch makes me believe that the content is believable.

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Publiceringsdatum: 2013-11-26