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How we can be fooled on the Internet

On the internet you can see things in different ways depending on, for example, what you have for political view. Ku Klux Klan(KKK) were long associated with the burning crosses, lynching, the white hoods and white ankle-length dresses.  KKK is a right-wing extremist organization in the United States formed in 1866, originally as a club for Confederate veterans. KKK was very fast developed to a terrorist organization.  This essay will try to show you how easy it is to get fooled on the internet with the theme KKK as an example.

To start with I have chosen to search for information at KKK’s own website ( This is not a safe source at all, because the KKK wants to highlight themselves as an positive organization. And because they are racists (which is just their opinion and not real fact) and want to get rid of all blacks into society as they lift up all the negative all the Muslims and other ethnic groups who are not white. And in this YouTube video ( KKK want to review themselves as happy and they have a strong friendly community.

Secondly I have decided to search for information about KKK at a website which does not have a political opinion at all, On this page KKK is described as an terrorist organization and big racist, who wants to kill black people. And since the National Encyclopedia’s purpose is to present the facts so you can find negative things about the KKK there as well, such that they have killed over 6000 people. And in this ( YouTube video, the KKK examined on people that does not have any purpose to twist the story.

Finally, with these two sources I want to explain that media can show one topic from totally different perspectives depending on, an example in this case, their political point of view. In source one; there was a political group who wrote the article for themselves and their own opinions for convincing people to join their terrorist group. They have a reason to distort the truth because they want to highlight themselves as good. Source two is much more believable because the author of that article had no reason to lie because his/her goal is to present the facts.

To sum up, in my own opinion, I think you should always think about when you visit a website what the author has in order to falsify the truth and if the author is dependent of sources on the internet that already exists. So my call for action is, be critical to sources when you searching for information on the internet and do not believe everything you read is true because then you will get really ripped off.


KKK portrayed as something positive  from KKK’s website                                                     Downloaded: 2012-05-23                           Downloaded: 2012-05-26


KKK portrayed as something negative  from the National Encyclopedia                                       Downloaded: 2012-05-23                           Downloaded: 2012-05-26

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